“So you say you wanna get away?” How can I get away from worldly things if everyone’s mind around me are consumed by them? it’s scary being different, wanting different things. Most of the time i want to run and hide. i think that is why i keep to myself most of the time. i live in my own world. a world where God loves me, provides for me, protects me, keeps me. A world where there is no negative energy at all. People love one another unconditionally. God is my peace, the ultimate reason why i do not worry, get scared or stressed about anything that happens in this world. “I do what I feel because I hear God saying, “I got you. Just live!” wow, just live.. For the longest i have been afraid to live. To do things and go to the places God puts in my heart. I was so afraid of being judged because I don’t want the same things that others do. Nervous because I don’t know in what specific direction I am supposed to go. I used to think that meant that I wasn’t talking to God enough, but in reality I just wasn’t listening to him. I wasn’t listening to my heart. What if the goal is to just live and by living your wildest dreams will come true. I am seeing life differently. I am welcoming every obstacle, every trial, every failure because I know they all will make me the woman I am meant to be. And I thank Jesus for saving me. I am humbled ad truly grateful to be on this journey. I have a found a new motivation, there is a fire burning in my veins. IT IS TIME TO LIVE! how-to-draw-phoenix-step-by-step


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